This is a student project, whose main idea is to translate sign language into speech and viceversa. It's also functions as 3-dimensional mouse, moving the cursor with hand movements and clicks by moving your fingers as clicking as a common mouse. This is a project made for the benefict of society and more especific to deaf people, created by a uruguayan teenager, called Luciano Gustavo Thoma Gini.

Wireless communication

Bluethooth technology.

Technology standard for exchanging data over short distances from fixed (in this case a laptop) and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs) with high levels of security. Providing an autonomy movement around 10 meters around the notebook, apart from the security of the data transmission and reception.

Worldwide use

Adapts to the sign language.

The sign language varies a lot from one city to an other in the same country, furthermore when you compare sign language between countries. The glove allows user to add,delete or modify signs and what it means.

Sign to voice

In real-time.

The glove working together with the software on the computer, it can recognize in a milliseconds rage the sign made. Making communication easy , friendly and fast.

Mobiles & tablets

Not yet, but soon.

Bluetooth technology make it possible to use the application and glove together with devices more versatile and lightweight. For (this type of) devices with Android , IOS or Windows enviroment.


Communication: one feat for them.

The problem arises when a deaf girl in my town tries to communicate with other children that can speak and hear. Because of her disability she cannot get through that children and the majority of society ignores the method used by deaf people to communicate

In order to communicate, deaf people use specific signs, which have different meanings, in other words they have their own language known as "sign language". A large amount of people has no knowledge of it, which makes it very difficult to communicate with others.

The insertion in different areas of society faces the lack of tools for effective and smooth communication.

They can not continue studying. They can not get a dignified job. They can not socialize as they want with people in general. But, we must integrate them to the society and give them a better quality of life.



The principal objective to fulfil.

To establish a system of communication between a hearing impaired(hearing loss mild, moderate, severe or profound) with others in order to improve the life quality of deaf community in general and give them a way of easy communication.

In the glove you can find bending sensors for finger position and movement or position in space, also, this allows us to largely recognize sign language, in which positions are combined fingers, hand movements (generally) and facial gestures (sometimes, being this, the only shortcoming of the prototype at the moment to recognize it).

The glove has the ability to operate wirelessly, now do it with a computer (which here in Uruguay give to children in schools, because of the plan "one laptop per child" - Plan Ceibal Uruguay) but the door are open to integrate it to any device like smartphones or tablets. It also has an operating autonomy of 8 hours with the battery shaped like a bracelet used in the prototype.

At the moment the prototype consists on one glove (because deaf people can also communicate using a single hand) but in a nearly future I think to add a glove to increase the amount of recognize signs and allowing me as a developer of the software have more variables when I have to codifying the process to differentiate a sign of another.


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